Antenna Diversity Measurement System (ADMS)

The Antenna Diversity Measurement System (ADMS) is a high-capacity multi-channel L-band or IF signal recording system.  It is particularly suitable for extended recording campaigns in a mobile environment, as in the Antenna Diversity Measurement Project.


  • ADMS Configuration for Antenna Diversity Measurement Project

  • Number of inputs


    Number of channels

    16, independently tuned (two per input)

    Channel frequency

    70 ± 20 MHz
    1525 to 1559 MHz with L-band Downconverter Unit

    Channel bandwidth

    15 kHz to 300 kHz, independently selectable

    Sampling format

    16-bit I/Q

    Recording capability

    16 TB (8 x 2 TB, hot-swappable)

    Additional information recorded

    GPS time, position, speed, course
    MRU pitch, roll, heave
    Antenna configuration
    Equipment status
    Operator annotation

    Signal display and analysis

    Channel power vs time
    Channel power spectrum
    Channel I/Q constellation
    Channel-to-channel power correlation

    All display and analysis functions can operate in real time on signals as received, or on recorded signals at selectable replay rates

    Remote control

    Windows Remote Desktop


    115 or 230 VAC, with UPS


    Transportable shock-mounted rack case



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