BGAN Network Emulator and BGAN Application Tester

BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband network emulation is provided in conjunction with Gatehouse.

The Gatehouse BGAN Network Emulator (BNE) is a test tool developed and optimized to work in concert with the Square Peg BPLT to provide end-to-end emulation of the BGAN Network.  The combination of the BPLT and BNE provides an on-the-bench emulation of the I4 satellites, the BGAN Radio Access Network (RAN) and the Core Network (CN).  It is a very powerful test solution that enables terminal manufacturers, system integrators and application developers to test their applications thoroughly and consistently and to verify that applications are optimized to work under any network condition thereby providing the best possible user experience.

While the BNE is tailored to the terminal development process, the BGAN Application Tester (BAT), is tailored towards application developers and provides a graphical user interface designed to simplify BGAN application testing.

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