BGAN Physical Layer Tester (BPLT)

The BGAN Physical Layer Tester (BPLT) supports the testing of physical layer performance and protocol implementation of Radio Access Nodes (RANs) and User Terminals (UTs) implementing Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), Fleet Broadband and Swift Broadband services.

The BPLT application runs on multiple hardware platforms, including the original PLT-H, which supports multiple services, and the PLT-M, which supports only the BGAN and IDP applications. The version of BPLT that runs on Square Peg's generic MCP-based Physical Layer Tester (PLT-M) platform is referred to as BPLT on MCP (BMCP).

The BGAN Network Emulator can also be used with the BPLT to provide emulation of the end-to-end network.


  • BPLT Configuration for UT Testing

    (Not all components are required for all test applications)

  • Transmit Capabilities

    Physical channels

    4 simultaneous; 1-4 bearers per physical channel depending upon bearer type

    Channel types

    LESP (8.4, 33.6, 84, 168 ksym/s QPSK;
    33.6, 84, 151.2, 168 ksym/s 16-QAM;
    84, 168 ksym/s 32-QAM;
    84, 168 ksym/s 64-QAM)
    MESP (16.8, 33.6, 67.2, 151.2 ksym/s p/4-QPSK;
    33.6, 67.2, 151.2 ksym/s 16-QAM;
    5, 20 or 80 ms bursts)
    Test tones (CW, two-tone, etc.) and raw samples

    Channel impairments

    Independently-specifiable parameters:

    • Fixed carrier frequency error, burst frequency jitter
    • Doppler rate, peak offset
    • Navigation-based Doppler and path delay
    • Reacquisition carrier offset
    • Adjacent channel interference level and frequency offset
    • Co-channel interference level
    • I/Q gain and phase imbalance
    • Continuous phase noise spectrum, level
    • Discrete phase noise level, frequency offset
    • Fading model, bandwidth, C/M ratio, differential delay, path Doppler for up to 5 paths
    • Phase and/or amplitude jump distribution, magnitude, interval
    • Blockage depth, interval, duration
    • Transmission path delay, burst timing jitter
    • Symbol rate error
    • HPA non-linearity
    • AWGN

    Receive  Capabilities

    Physical channels

    4 simultaneous

    Channel types

    LESP (as per transmitter)
    MESP (as per transmitter))

    Channel modes

    Analysis (auto-identification of burst types, optimized for transmitter performance testing)
    SDM (fully compliant performance in noise, PLT-H only)

    Signal analysis

    Signal capture (raw samples and soft decisions)
    Signal replay (from raw samples)
    Selectable pass/fail limits for measurements:

    • Carrier frequency offset
    • Average power, power rate of change
    • Phase change
    • Integrated phase noise
    • Burst timing offset
    • Symbol clock rate error
    • I/Q gain and phase imbalance
    • Constellation mean-squared error, EVM
    • HPA compression and AM/PM
    • Eb/No loss
    • Uncoded errors
    • Power profile
    • Spectral shape
    • Out-of-band emissions
    • Phase noise spectrum

    Ethernet Interface Capabilities




    Protocol Tester interface, remote control interface (e.g., to LabView™), UT control interface, voice codec interface, GPIB interface (with Ethernet-to-GPIB converter), ARINC-429 interface (with USB or Ethernet-to-429 converter)

    Logging Capabilities


    Protocol Tester interface messages
    Transmitted/received user or channel data
    Test sequence progress and outcome
    System events, faults, and abnormal conditions

    Signal analysis

    Signal analysis measurements
    Signal analysis statistics
    Raw input samples
    Demodulator soft decisions

    Script Capabilities


    Procedure-based (like Basic, C or Pascal)
    Functions for string processing, math, user interaction, logging, I/O (serial, TCP/IP, GPIB)
    Integrated development environment


    Configuring and controlling modems
    Sending and receiving user data
    Controlling channel simulator
    Sending and receiving BPT and UT messages


  • BPLT Data Sheet

    BMCP Data Sheet

    BPLT Variants Product Brief

    • Physical Layer Tester (PLT-M)
    • Full capabilities, including satellite channel simulator and signal analysis
    • One-box solution
    • L-band, S-band and IF versions
    • Optional rack mount kit

    Physical Layer Tester (PLT-H)

    Physical Layer Tester (PLT-L)

    • For protocol testing and network emulator only. (details)

    ATC Interface Unit (AIU)

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