Design & Development

Square Peg performs bespoke satcom system design, hardware and software development, proof-of-concept implementations, field trials and other design and development services. COTS and custom technologies are evaluated to choose the optimal approach for each application

Examples of design and development services that Square Peg has provided include:

  • System design (including modulation and coding, protocols, link budgets etc.) for the Airia live inflight television services, and subsequent development of base station and airborne receiver hardware and software. See the BBC news story below.
  • Design of airborne radio relay network, including flight testing to determine realistic channel and interference conditions
  • Design of BGAN return channel equalizer
  • Design of the Radio Frequency Subsystem (RFS) and Channel Unit Subsystem (CUS) for a portable BGAN Satellite Access Station (SAS), initially deployed in an LxL configuration to demonstrate multicast applications such as netted voice. (More)
  • Aeronautical Test Ground Earth Station (Test GES)
  • Proof-of-concept implementations of Multi-User Detection (MUD) receivers for Inmarsat's MPDS and BGAN LDR services
  • Development of an Antenna Diversity Measurement System (ADMS) and subsequent propagation measurement campaign to gain an understanding of the feasibility and potential benefits of using a set of omni-directional antennas with spatial diversity to provide Inmarsat BGAN services at low elevation angles. (More)

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