Inmarsat Physical Layer Testers & Network Emulators

Physical Layer Testers
The Physical Layer Tester (PLT) product line supports the testing and type approval of mobile terminals and base stations for almost all Inmarsat services, including:

BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband BGAN Physical Layer Tester (BPLT)
  BGAN Network Emulator (BNE)
  BGAN Application Tester (BAT)
  ACARS CMU Emulator


Classic Aero Aeronautical Ground Data Unit (GDU)
  Aeronautical Ground Earth Station (GES) Emulator
  ACARS CMU Emulator


Mini-M, Inmarsat B, GAN, Fleet 33/55/77, Swift64 Mini-M/M4 Physical Layer Tester (MPLT)
  Mini-M/M4 NCS/LES Emulator


MPDS IPDS MES Physical Layer Tester (IPLT)


Inmarsat-C Inmarsat-C Physical Later Tester (CPLT)


IsatData Pro IsatData Pro Physical Layer Tester (DPLT)


PLTs are software-defined testers where a specific application is run on a common hardware platform.  These applications include common satellite channel simulator, signal analysis, and scripting facilities, augmented with service-specific functionality.  Network emulation software is also available, which can be used in conjunction with a PLT to provide emulation of the end-to-end satellite network.

Square Peg's PLTs are the “gold bricks” for Inmarsat systems and are used by customers worldwide for:

    • Equipment development
    • Type approval
    • Production test
    • Off-air monitoring

Network Emulators
The Physical Layer Testers also support network emulator add-ons which allow users to emulate the end-to-end network, including:

        • Satellite channel (if desired)
        • Gateway (e.g., LES/NCS, GES, RAN)
        • Terrestrial interfaces

These network emulators minimize the requirement for over-the-satellite testing, saving airtime charges, and provide an environment where the test configuration is fully under the control of the operator, leading to more readily reproducible results.  Square Peg's network emulators are used by various customers for:

        • Terminal development/test
        • Application development/test
        • Production test

Test Scripts
The operation of the PLTs can be automated using user created scripts, or scripts provided by Square Peg. For example, Square Peg has developed the test scripts (UT MTRs) that are mandated by Inmarsat to be used by terminal manufacturers to validate the physical layer of BGAN user terminals. These scripts execute on the BGAN Physical Layer Tester.

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