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Square Peg Communications Signs Aero Evolution Beta-Test Ground Earth Station Contract

April 4, 1996

Inmarsat, the global provider of mobile satellite communications, has awarded Square Peg Communications Inc. a contract valued at $522,106 CDN to deliver an Aero Evolution Beta-Test Ground Earth Station (GES).

Square Peg’s GES will allow the benefits of in-flight telephone service to be extended to short/medium haul airliners and mid-range corporate aircraft as well as long haul jets.

The modular design of the GES coupled with its programmable digital signal processing (DSP) based modem architecture allows for straightforward incorporation of new channel types, providing Inmarsat with an ongoing platform for evaluating future aeronautical communications services. The special reduced rate modem used in the GES was developed for Inmarsat by the Canadian Communications Research Centre.

Square Peg Communications Inc. was spun out of Calian Communications Systems Ltd. of Kanata, Ontario in June 1995 as a supplier of radio and satellite communications products to commercial end users.

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