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Square Peg Communications Supplies First AES Simulator

June 2, 1997

Inmarsat, the global provider of mobile satellite communications, has awarded Square Peg Communications Inc. a contract valued at $214,861 CDN to deliver a two channel Aeronautical Earth Station (AES) Simulator. The AES Simulator (AESS) will assist GES manufacturers in developing and testing their Aero I/H+ upgrades. The AESS is an open platform which allows the user to generate test scripts to simulate the complex behaviour of a real AES subject to error scenarios resulting from invalid or inopportune messages. The modular design of the AESS coupled with its programmable digital signal processing (DSP) based modem architecture allows for straightforward incorporation of new channel types, providing Inmarsat with an ongoing platform for testing future aeronautical communications services.

The AESS will perform the following functions:

  • Receive P-channel signals, transmit R-channel signals and transmit/receive reduced rate C-channel signals, at 70 MHz IF.
  • Provide script file based support for:
  • logging/displaying events/results,
  • sending SUs,
  • verifying receipt of SUs,
  • verifying protocol timing,
  • prompting the user to perform actions.
  • Provide expanded script file based support for P/R/C-channel signaling for AES log-on/off and call control.
  • Support the coordination of scripts running on multiple AESS Channel Units, including the sharing of a common P/R-channel resource.
  • Provide a complete reduced rate Aero-I/H+ C-channel audio path from a 2Wire telephone.

Square Peg's five channel Aero-Evolution Test GES, which uses similar technology, is installed at Teleglobe Canada's Laurentides earth station at Weir, Quebec.


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