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Square Peg Communications Completes System Design For LIVE In Flight Video

February 15, 1999

Square Peg Communications Inc. (SPCI) has completed an evaluation of a C-band global aeronautical broadcast system using transponder EIRPs varying from 26 to 29 dBW. The following were evaluated:

  • 0 dB/K G/T C-band aeronautical antennas for major wide bodied aircraft types
  • aeronautical fading channel effects
  • dual-rate modulation and coding
  • acquisition, demodulation and decoding algorithms
  • link layer protocol for point-to-multipoint distribution of multiple data streams on a single carrier
  • link budget analysis assuming single saturated carrier per transponder operation and adjacent satellite interference coordination
  • transmitter and receiver performance specifications.

Technical specifications in support of a Request for Proposal were drafted. For further information please contact:
Michael Gertsman
Director, Mobile Satellite Products
Square Peg Communications Inc.

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