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Square Peg Communications Delivers IPDS MES Physical Layer Tester to Inmarsat, December 1999

December 6, 1999

Square Peg Communications Inc. has developed and supplied IPDS MES Physical Layer Testers (PLTs) to Inmarsat.

The Inmarsat Packet Data System (IPDS) provides subscribers with PPP (point-to-point protocol) connections to fixed networks. It is initially aimed at providing support for IP networks, including Internet and Intranet (Virtual Private Networks). Data transmission is via shared 64 kb/s bearer channels based on highly bandwidth- and power-efficient 16-QAM modulation with Turbo coding.

The IPDS MES PLT is part of the IPDS MES Type Approval Test Set which is used to perform Inmarsat qualification tests on IPDS Mobile Earth Station (MES) units. The Test Set connects to the MES under test at its digital data and L-Band RF interfaces. The PLT provides all of the baseband processing for the IPDS physical layer, as well as conversion to/from L-Band. It also includes channel simulation and signal analysis functions which allow it to be used to verify MES compliance with IPDS physical layer specifications.

The IPDS MES PLT is the first in a line of SPCI PLT products based on a generic PC-based Channel Unit architecture, which couples programmable digital signal processing (DSP) based modems, tuneable over 70 ± 20 MHz, with the flexibility of the PC environment and Windows-based user interfaces.

For further information please contact:

Michael Gertsman
Director, Mobile Satellite Products
Square Peg Communications Inc.

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