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Square Peg Communications Supplying Uplink Subsystems to AIRIA for Live, Global Inflight Entertainment Over Inmarsat Satellites

February 14, 2001

Square Peg Communications Inc. (SPCI) has been chosen to supply uplink transmission equipment for AIRIA’s global live inflight service using Inmarsat's existing network of satellites. AIRIA, a joint venture between APR Limited [formerly Live Inflight Video Entertainment Limited] and Inmarsat Ventures Ltd, a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, will be the first to deliver live global inflight entertainment, using Inmarsat Aero H/H+ satcom antennas already installed on over 76% of modern long-haul wide-bodied aircraft.

The first of its kind in airline passenger entertainment service, AIRIA's service will initially enable airline passengers to receive live television news from BBC World, the BBC's 24-hour international news and information channel, and a live sports channel carrying international sporting events designed by Trans World International (TWI), one of the world's leading sports television production companies. AIRIA will be adding additional channels and content, along with broadband data services, to meet passenger demand.

To provide global coverage and ensure high availability, SPCI will supply three redundant uplink subsystems to be installed at Inmarsat Land Earth Station (LES) sites around the world. The transmit subsystems will receive the broadcast channels via a leased data connection from the AIRIA studio, format and encode the data, transmit it at IF to LES upconverter(s) and monitor and control the overall uplink.

About SPCI

Square Peg Communications Inc. (SPCI) is a private Canadian company federally incorporated in June 1995. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of DSP-based ground and air-borne communications products, from audio to L-band, including satellite modems, Turbo decoders and complete channel units. Visit www.squarepeg.ca for more information.


AIRIA Limited, a London UK and Annapolis, Maryland-based company, will be a global provider of live airline inflight entertainment. The company will offer two television channels, BBC World for live international news, and a sports channel designed by Trans World International (TWI), one of the world’s leading sports television production companies. Visit airiaglobal.com for more information.

For further information on SPCI please contact:

Michael Gertsman at Square Peg Communications Inc.
tel: +1 613 271 0044 x. 222
Email: gertsman@squarepeg.ca

For more information about AIRIA Limited and live television broadcast to airlines, please contact:

Vardhan Rajkumar at AIRIA Limited
tel: +44 20 7728 1030
Email: vrajkumar@airiaglobal.com

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