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Safety Turtle ® Pool Alarm Developed by Square Peg Communications Gets GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Approval

June 29, 2001

Of eight alarms tested, Good Housekeeping (July 2001 issue) identified only three, including Safety Turtle, "that worked well". The others "took too long to sound or, worse, never went off at all." Poolsearch.com, a respected independent guide to the pool and spa industry, says "Safety Turtle blends the best of technology with the greatest need of the swimming pool industry, safety for children."

In 1999, Square Peg Communications Inc. (SPCI) patented the key water sensor technology and spun off Terrapin Communications Inc. to commercialize its design and market the product world wide. Safety Turtle is currently being sold in pool stores, marinas and catalogs focused on safety for children, in Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, Bermuda and parts of Latin America and Europe.

The Safety Turtle alarm system consists of one or more locking Turtle wristbands, and a Base Station normally located in the house. The Turtle instantly detects immersion in water and sends a radio signal to the base station. The Base Station then alerts the household through a loud, distinctive alarm. This safety product has been carefully designed and tested for use with children. The Turtle wristband locks securely around the child’s wrist. The turtle, which is available in six bright colors, is permanently sealed and ruggedly built to withstand child’s play. Visit www.safetyturtle.com for more information.

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