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Square Peg Communications Delivers Voice Test Platform (VTP)

September 8, 2017

Square Peg Communications Inc. has delivered a Voice Test Platform (VTP) to Inmarsat for use in testing the continuity and voice quality of Circuit Switched (CS) and Packet Switched (PS) voice calls.  The VTP supports multiple analog and VoIP channels for voice call testing.  These channels are highly configurable, to provide fine control over a multitude of call test scenarios.  An embedded Python-based script engine in the VTP allows for automated, application-specific testing.

An initial VTP application is to verify that the implementation of SwiftBroadband Safety (SB-Safety) voice services in a User Terminal is compliant with the Inmarsat System Definition Manual (SDM) and with Appendix E of RTCA DO-262B, the Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Avionics Supporting Next Generation Satellite System.  This includes verifying the key elements of the SIP signalling and the implementation of the priority and pre-emption mechanisms with simultaneous CS and PS calls.  Voice quality and load testing are also supported.

The VTP is rack mountable, with custom hardware and software for end-to-end voice call testing.  For packet-switched calls, the VTP is equipped with a full featured SIP stack with support for the G.729, Opus and other voice codecs.  Circuit-switched calls are handled by a multiport FXO card with support for a broad range of signalling and supervision protocols.

The VTP includes a licensed implementation of the POLQA algorithm, which is used to analyze voice quality and report Mean Opinion Score (MOS) results for calls on any of the circuit or packet switched channels.  

The Python-based script engine in the VTP allows for automated, application specific testing, carried out with test scripts.  In addition to controlling the internal voice servers, the script engine can interface to other network elements, e.g. User Terminals, Network Emulators or Physical Layer Testers to verify end-to-end call scenarios.  Users can quickly build custom test cases, using the familiar Python script language with the rich library of call processing APIs included with the platform.  The flexibility of the platform makes the VTP an ideal solution for any packet or circuit switched voice call test application.

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Square Peg Communications Inc. is a private Canadian company federally incorporated in June 1995. The Company specializes in the development and manufacture of state of the art DSP-based mobile and fixed satellite communications products, including Inmarsat physical layer testers, satellite channel units, satellite hub station equipment and OEM subsystems. Square Peg manufactures equipment for various Inmarsat networks, including Classic Aero, Std-C, mini-M, GAN, MPDS, Fleet, Swift64, BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband and IsatData Pro.

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