Physical Layer Tester (PLT-L)

Square Peg Communications Inc.’s L-band Physical Layer Tester (PLT-L) is a generic PC based test tool which supports the testing and type approval of mobile terminals and base stations for various satellite or wireless communications networks.

The generic PLT-L hardware platform runs software specific to the equipment type under test. It supports protocol and physical layer testing of terminals and base stations for Inmarsat-C, Classic Aero, GAN Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS), mini-M, GAN Mobile ISDN, Fleet 33/55/77 and Swift 64. It also supports protocol testing for BGAN, FleetBroadband (FBB) and SwiftBroadband (SBB) using the protocol tester version of the BGAN Physical Layer Tester (BPLT-P). BPLT-P is compatible with the BGAN Protocol Tester (BPT) available from Livewire Digital or the BGAN Network Emulator (BNE) available from Gatehouse.

The PLT-L is derived from the PLT-H platform, which must be used when channel simulation and signal analysis capabilities for testing of BGAN, FBB or SBB receive and transmit physical layers are required.

  • The PLT-L comprises the following components:


    The PC-based Channel Unit implements the communication channels at L-band. Up to four transmit and four receive channels are supported. It communicates with an optional Protocol Tester or Network Emulator over a LAN or serial connection. The CU includes a high stability 10 MHz frequency reference and provides a Windows based Operator Interface. The CU can also control external test equipment (including ARINC-429 or IEEE-488) via serial and LAN (TCP or UDP) connections.


    The User Terminal (UT) interface shelf provides a diplexer that is used to combine the PLT-L transmit and receive paths into a single feed suitable for connection to the UT’s antenna port. Connectorized fixed attenuators are used to pad the transmit and receive paths to match the levels for connection to the UT’s antenna port. A high-power attenuator allows operation of the UT at its normal transmit power level.



    Form factor 19” / 3U rack mount shelf

    Connector (to UT)

    N female

    Receive level (into high-power attenuator)

    0 to +48 dBm (+45 dBm max per channel)

    Transmit level (from high-power attenuator, when driven by CU)

    -60 dBm max per-carrier
    -54 dBm max total


    Form factor 19” / 4U rack mount industrial PC

    Tx/Rx RF connectors

    SMA female

    Tx/Rx RF impedance

    50 ≤ nominal

    Receive frequency

    1626.5 to 1675.0 MHz

    Receive frequency step size

    1 Hz

    Receive level

    – 50 to – 40 dBm per carrier

    Transmit frequency

    1518.0 to 1559.0 MHz

    Transmit frequency step size

    1 Hz

    Transmit level

    –40 to –30 dBm per-carrier

    Transmit level resolution

    0.01 dB

    Transmit level accuracy

    ± 1.0 dB

    Transmit phase noise density

    @ 100 Hz:   ≤70 dBc/Hz
    @ 1 kHz:     ≤80 dBc/Hz
    @ 10 kHz:   ≤84 dBc/Hz
    @ 100 kHz: ≤95 dBc/Hz

    Transmit spurious

    < -50 dBc

    Transmit 3rd order intermodulation

    ≤55 dBc with two carriers at 3 dB below maximum

    Transmit frequency accuracy

    ± 1 x 10-7

    Transmit I/Q amplitude and phase imbalance



    Number of interfaces 2




    10/100/1000 Mb/s


    Connector IEC 320 male


    105-130 VAC or 205-250 VAC, 47?63 Hz


    ≤1.6 A rms at 115 VAC
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