System Engineering

Square Peg has many years of experience in satellite systems engineering, including link budgets, RF chains, modulation and coding, and protocol analysis. We also have experience with interference analysis between satellite services, and between terrestrial and satellite services; GEO and LEO orbital constellations; L-, S-, and Ku/Ka-bands; mobile authentication and encryption techniques; feederlink analysis; and user-terminal capabilities and constraints. This is supplemented with experience in terrestrial Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/5G systems.

Typical tasks include:

  • Translation of high-level requirements to system specifications and confirming testability
  • Analysis of requirements within the constraints of satellite capabilities and external factors
  • Specification of physical layer requirements such as RF, modulation, and coding
  • Specification of access stratum requirements and analysis of throughput
  • Simulations and studies
  • Proof-of-concept implementations

Some examples of this work include:

  • System design (including modulation and coding, protocols, link budgets etc.) for a live inflight television service, and subsequent development of base station and airborne receiver hardware and software
  • Analysis of user-terminal implementation tradeoffs for next-generation L-band mobile-satellite terminals
  • Analysis of adjacent spotbeam interference in multi-beam satellite systems, and the benefits of multi-user detection to mitigate this
  • Analysis of satellite throughputs for different protocol configurations and compression algorithms
  • Feasibility study for a next-generation packet-switched satellite system, including analysis and simulation
  • Design of satellite air-interface to provide GPS augmentation for high-precision location services
  • Analysis of RF receiver chain for aeronautical mobile satellite terminals

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