Test Equipment

The most effective satellite communication solutions are born of rigorous, accurate and realistic testing during development and deployment.

Square Peg develops and supplies equipment used for the testing and type approval of mobile terminals and base stations for almost all Inmarsat services, as well as equipment used for other satcom-related test and measurement applications.

Inmarsat Physical Layer Testers and Network Emulators

Physical Layer Testers (PLTs) are software-defined testers where a specific application is run on a common hardware platform. These applications include common satellite channel simulator, signal analysis, and scripting facilities, augmented with service-specific functionality. Network emulation software is also available, which can be used in conjunction with a PLT to provide emulation of the end-to-end satellite network.

Radio Link Simulators

A Radio Link Simulator simulates the RF characteristics of signal paths (transmitter, uplink, satellite/relay and downlink) to support the testing of physical layer and end-to-end network performance of communications systems incorporating one or more satellite or terrestrial radio links.

Signal Recording Equipment

Square Peg's Channel Unit hardware is ideal for multi-channel IF/RF digitizer applications. In its baseline configuration, it supports digitization of up to eight 70 MHz IF or L-band channels but can be readily customized for different numbers of channels, environments or RF frequencies.

Voice Test Platform

The Voice Test Platform (VTP) tests the continuity and voice quality of Circuit-Switched (CS) and Packet-Switched (PS) voice calls. The VTP supports multiple analog and VoIP channels for testing of simultaneous calls in various combinations. It can be deployed in a variety of configurations including with real or simulated satellite (or other) networks.

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