Square Peg performs automated test equipment (ATE) development, test script development, carries out field trials and provides other test-related services. Examples include:

  • Testing of the spot beam and satellite handover behaviour of Aeronautical Earth Stations (AESs) flying simulated flight routes
  • Type approval testing of aeronautical satcom equipment
  • Demodulator performance characterization for BGAN bearers in various channel conditions
  • Script development for automated measurement of BGAN RAN demodulator performance
  • Characterization of the impact of LTE interference on aeronautical and maritime terminals operating over Inmarsat’s L-band network. (More)
  • Signal measurement campaign to characterize the performance of arrays of omni-directional antennas in a maritime environment. (More)
  • Signal measurement campaign to determine the feasibility of using unlicenced spectrum for aeronautical applications

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