Delivering certainty for satellite-enabled 5G networks

Connect to the future with confidence

Higher speeds. Greater reach. Entirely new capabilities. Global 5G has the power to change everything for today’s space innovators and satellite communications leaders. With hybrid network testing, we can help you achieve your 5G vision with as little risk and as much certainty as possible.

5G is a global opportunity and a network challenge

The rate of change in satellite communications is only getting faster. Led by innovative mobile network operators and advanced militaries, 5G network use is set to explode around the world. Traditional infrastructure alone cannot handle the growing demand for greater capacity and enhanced coverage. The integration of non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) to create hybrid networks is critical to meeting these rapidly emerging needs.

Next generation 5G hybrid networking

The demand for integrated hybrid networks means new and more adaptable technology and equipment need to be developed and tested against multiple barriers, including large variations in distances between terminals and network relays, satellite motion, and complex handovers between satellite and terrestrial networks.

At the same time, it needs to be determined which terrestrial COTS equipment can be used to support new network realities and make good on investments in 5G technology.

Setting yourself up for 5G success

The stakes are high — and the margin for error low. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to continuously push the limits of design and capability and get to full operation faster. You need a reliable way to test wideband 5G links. You need to verify seamless handovers between satellites in any orbit including LEO, as well as between satellite and terrestrial networks.

Rigorous testing of all plausible scenarios and impairments with fast, reliable and repeatable results:

  • Delivers peace of mind across design, deployment and performance optimization phases
  • Ensures a high level of service for any satellite or hybrid application
  • Enables optimization of 5G networks to maximize value for users and operators.

The RLS-2100 can help you realize your 5G vision

No matter what your satellite communications goals are, Square Peg’s comprehensive products and integrated approach can help you achieve them. While satellite 5G integration may be uncharted territory, the RLS-2100 Radio Link Simulator can help you test with certainty.

5G will push the limits of satellite networks, with expectations of low latency, high bandwidth, and high mobility. We’re here to support innovative developers, service providers and militaries as they deploy 5G services with coverage anytime, anywhere.

The RLS-2100 enables rigorous testing of:

5G wideband mobility
5G traffic backhaul applications
5G cellular towers in space

Expertise in Action:
European Space Agency Collaboration

Square Peg has been working in collaboration with the European Space Agency to develop new capabilities for the RLS-2100 to enable hybrid channel emulation. These changes will allow simulation of both terrestrial and satellite links, with 5G channel models. When officially released, the updated RLS-2100 will be the first and only testing tool for verifying handovers between links in a hybrid network.

The RLS-2100 delivers unparalleled 5G certainty

Born of a complete rethink of satellite link testing, the RLS-2100 Radio Link Simulator can deliver everything today’s space innovators need. It’s an all-in-one system that can apply a comprehensive set of impairments for complex wideband scenarios.

Our cost-effective tester supports virtually any application — reliably testing wideband 5G links and verifying seamless handover between satellites in any orbit (LEO, MEO, and GEO) or between satellite and terrestrial networks.

No matter where you operate, what your network configuration or orbit, or how advanced your technology, the RLS-2100 can help you connect with certainty.

The RLS-2100 can be used to simulate 5G handoffs between satellite and terrestrial links

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