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MCDU Simulator

MCDU Simulator

The Multi-Function Control and Display Unit (MCDU) is an input device for the flight management system and other computer systems of modern aircraft. It consists of a screen and an alphanumeric keyboard and can be found within reach of the pilot in the cockpit of the aircraft. The operation of the MCDU is described in the ARINC 739 specification.
Square Peg’s MCDU Simulator allows a Windows PC, paired with a suitable ARINC 429 interface, to simulate an MCDU controlling up to four subsystems such as SATCOM or ACARS/CMU units. Labels for the buttons circled in green are configurable.
The MCDU Simulator includes a remote control interface that allows external applications to interact with the simulator to monitor and control the connected subsystems, facilitating test automation. For example, the remote control interface has been used to allow scripts running on Square Peg’s Voice Test Platform (VTP) to make and receive calls via the MCDU, with a User Terminal Monitor & Control (UTMC) adaptor tailored to the pages displayed by a specific Satellite Data Unit (SDU) implementation.

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