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IsatData Pro Physical Layer Tester (DPLT)

IsatData Pro Physical Layer Tester (DPLT)

The IsatData Pro Physical Layer Tester (DPLT) supports testing of the physical layer performance and protocol implementation of Mobile Terminals (MTs) implementing Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) services.

The DPLT application runs on the SPCI Physical Layer Tester Multi-Channel Platform (PLT M) and is referred to as DPLT on MCP or DMCP.

Demodulator features Auto-identification of return burst type, optimized for transmitter performance testing

Transmit Capabilities

Channels4 simultaneous
Channel typesBulletin Board
To-mobile (forward traffic)
From-mobile (return traffic/ack sub-channels)
Test tones (CW, two-tone, etc.) and raw samples 
Channel impairments

Independently-specifiable parameters:

  • Fixed carrier frequency error
  • Burst frequency jitter
  • Sinusoidal Doppler peak rate and offset
  • ACI level and frequency offset
  • CCI level
  • I/Q gain and phase imbalance
  • Continuous phase noise spectrum, level
  • Discrete phase noise level, frequency offset
  • Fading model, bandwidth, C/M ratio
  • Phase and amplitude jump distribution, magnitude, interval
  • Periodic signal blockage (e.g., helicopter)
  • Transmission path delay
  • Burst timing jitter
  • Symbol rate error
  • HPA non-linearity
  • AWGN C/No

Receive Capabilities

Channels4 simultaneous
Channel typesBulletin Board
To-mobile (forward traffic)
From-mobile (return traffic/ack sub-channels)
Unframed (raw samples)
Signal analysisSignal capture (raw samples and soft decisions)
Selectable pass/fail limits for measurements:
  • Carrier frequency offset
  • Average power, power rate of change
  • Phase change
  • Integrated phase noise
  • Burst timing offset
  • Symbol clock rate error
  • I/Q gain and phase imbalance
  • Constellation MSE, EVM^2
  • Eb/No loss
  • Uncoded errors
  • Power profile
  • Spectral shape
  • Spurious emissions
  • Phase noise spectrum

Ethernet Interface Capabilities

FunctionalityProtocol Tester interface, remote control interface, MT control interface, MPC interface for ESE emulation, GPIB interface (with Ethernet-to-GPIB converter)

Logging Capabilities

GeneralTransmitted/received packet data
Test sequence progress and outcome
Protocol Tester interface messages
System events, faults, and abnormal condition
Signal analysisSignal analysis measurements
Signal analysis statistics
Raw input samples
Demodulator soft decisions

Script Capabilities

GeneralProcedural (similar to C or Basic)
Functions for string processing, math, user interaction, logging, I/O (serial, TCP/IP, GPIB)
Integrated development environment
CPLT-specificControlling the Tx and Rx channels
Sending and receiving IDP packets
Controlling channel impairments
Sending and receiving MT control messages
Typical DMCP Configuration for MT Testing
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