RLS-2100 ushers New Space into the lab


Square Peg Communications is now delivering the RLS-2100 to customers across the globe.  This hardware-in-the-loop wideband radio link simulator is the first of its kind to target new space networks.  The initial recipients, a mix of commercial and defense customers, are using the RLS-2100 for emulating a variety of satellite networks, from LEO mega-constellations with inter-satellite links to MEO/GEO/HEOs, with great success.  Users can re-create any satellite link scenario with real hardware at RF in the lab, in minutes. 

The RLS-2100 is replacing traditional simulators which are ill equipped to handle next generation networks.  With end users pushing for more bandwidth, lower latency and reduced pricing, satellite operators and equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to keep up.  The ability to innovate with confidence is critical, and rigorous testing plays a key role.  “For Square Peg’s customers the RLS-2100 is a game changer, bringing complex satellite links into the lab allows for deterministic and repeatable physical layer testing, and at a fraction of the cost of over-the-air tests” says Michael Gertsman, President of Square Peg Communications.

The RLS-2100 was developed with funding from the Canadian Space Agency for building a wideband radio link simulator capable of emulating satellite link conditions for all NGSO satellite constellations with full mobility support.  Demand for the RLS-2100 is strong, with interest from satellite operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers and research departments.  Click here for more information about the RLS-2100.

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